Musculoskeletal Program

Back pain, neck pain, sports injuries. All these can slow you down affecting how you work and play.

Our highly experienced physicians and therapists are on hand to provide the compressive assessment and treatment program you require to reduce pain, improve mobility, re-educate posture and movement and carry on with your life. For patients requiring orthopedic surgery, we offer ‘pre-hab’ consisting of pre-surgery strengthening, conditioning and education, to reduce post-surgery down time. Post operatively, we liaise with your Orthopedic surgeon and implement gold standard rehabilitation protocols, to maximize your recovery, regardless of your functional goals.

• Movement and posture re-education
• Pain management
• Joint mobilization
• Joint manipulation
• Functional Retraining`

Our therapists are specially trained to provide bespoke static and dynamic splints for patients who require these post injury or surgery.

A combination of manual therapy, heat, or cold therapy, splinting and targeted mobilizations and strengthening exercises all help to rehabilitate the wrist and hand, maximizing function, and minimizing pain.

Provision of customized static and dynamic splinting allowing movement according to surgical protocol to:

• Prevent disruption of surgical site due to undesired movement
• Limit disability post injury and surgery due to prolonged immobilization
• Allow early active movements to reduce adhesions and swelling

Therapeutic interventions including, bespoke graded exercise programs, manual therapy, electrotherapy and heat modality application, massage and occupational/functional re-training.

Our PMR physicians provide assessment and treatment with corticosteroid injections for joint and soft tissue pathology and are adept at chronic pain management.


• Post-surgical repair of tendon lacerations
• Post-surgical fracture repair
• Post fracture management (conservative)
• Osteoarthritis
• Tendinitis/tendinopathies
• Carpal tunnel syndrome


We use our hands all day everyday and when they are not functioning 100%, it can be really debilitating, affecting the ability to write, type and perform self care tasks. Pain, swelling, weakness and restricted movement post injury or surgery or due to chronic conditions such as Osteoarthritis can all be helped by specific and targeted therapy.

• Release Pain
• Increase Movement
• Improve Function
• Promote Healing


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