Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center launches ventilator-weaning and outpatient programmes to meet growing demand for rehabilitation in the UAE

Abu Dhabi, XX February 2016: Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center (Cambridge Medical), the UAE’s leading provider of long-term acute care and rehabilitation, is expanding its specialized care programmes to include treatment to end patient dependency on ventilators for breathing and outpatient rehabilitation and pediatric care programmes.

The new programmes, delivered at Cambridge Medical’s centres in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, are designed to respond to a growing number of patients who prefer to leave crowded intensive care hospital wards to receive high-quality care in a homely and family-friendly environment.

“Research has proven that patients achieve accelerated progress if they receive intensive rehabilitation in familiar surroundings. At Cambridge Medical, our approach is to provide tailor-made programmes to suit individual patients in a home-like environment where families are made welcome,” said Dr. Howard S. Podolsky, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Medical.

“We are opening our doors to people on ventilators, so that they too can improve their quality of life, and shed their dependency on these machines. This will be the first such programme in the UAE. Many patients have come to us from hospitals in the UAE and abroad, and have made rapid progress in order to return home. In addition, by accepting outpatients, we can continue to help these patients to continue their progress.”

The vent-weaning programme will help patients become independent from the medicinal ventilator over time. These programmes are tailored to the needs of each individual patient and incorporate multi-disciplinary treatment of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehab to improve alertness and aid recovery. Cambridge Medical’s newly launched outpatient service will treat and assist patients in regaining their sense of independence through an expert rehabilitation team serving as a support system for patients.

Cambridge Medical, which operates a 90 -bed facility in Abu Dhabi and a 45-bed facility in Al Ain, provides a range of rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and respiratory therapy. Patients requiring care have typically suffered strokes, near-drownings, brain injuries and neurological conditions, or congenital conditions.

Cambridge Medical employs a team of specialist clinicians, led by the region’s leading neuro-rehabilitation expert Dr. Sabahat Wasti. The center also maintains close partnerships with the leading U.S. institutions for diabetes and long-term care – Joslin Diabetes and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, both Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliates, — to ensure that operations and handling of individual cases benefit from the best minds in these fields.

By taking patients from hospitals, Cambridge Medical is helping to relieve pressure on scarce ICU beds throughout the UAE. The center’s carers form close bonds with patients and their families, helping them to make an easier physical and emotional adjustment from hospital, through Cambridge Medical, to home life.

Cambridge Medical is accredited by Joint Commission International, the pre-eminent body for healthcare quality and safety in the world.