Our Programs


Our programs are designed in collaboration with the world’s best medical professionals to deliver specialized long-term rehabilitation care and improve quality of life. We specialise in neurological, ventilation, pediatric and muscoskeletal rehabilitation, and also offer support and training for children with special needs (The determined Ones).

Our approach is integrated, and designed to unify a number of expertise areas to deliver medical outcomes that make a tangible difference to patients’ quality of life. We work closely with families, loved ones and communities to support individuals with disabilities and help them reach their full potential and integrate them within their communities.

Through our network of outpatient facilities, we help deliver high-quality care to a comprehensive recovery roadmap without disrupting patients’ lives.

Through our targeted specializations, we design customized programs for all the patients under our care, and help them meet their functional goals – be it getting back on the sports field, eliminating chronic pain, weaning themselves off mechanical ventilators, or learning the speech and motor skills needed to integrate effectively into society. Dedication, experience, compassion and care are hallmarks of our approach.


24 hour medical and nursing care following an acute neurological, medical, or traumatic episode which has resulted in severe or permanent disability.

Rehabilitation therapy including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Complex respiratory care, such as: BiPAP/ CPAP, or 02 therapy delivery, or tracheostomy care that does NOT require invasive mechanical ventilation

•    Wound management
•    Complex chronic medical management
•    Cardiac monitoring
•    IV antibiotic therapy
•    Pain management


All patients entering our Program will do so under the care of our Consultant Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician and Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist when needed. Daily care is via our team of specialists and GP’s who are on site 24 hours per day. All decision making with regards to your child’s care (except in an emergency) is through the Consultant and takes into account the goals and treatment plans of each of the Interdisciplinary team members.

All patients are cared for 24 hours per day by highly qualified and experienced Nurses. The nurse: patient ratio will depend on the presentation of each individual child.

All patient will undergo a comprehensive assessment by the Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech, and Language Therapy teams (where indicated) and a Dietician within 72 hours of arrival, providing clinical condition is stable.

Within 7 days of admission, we will schedule a family meeting to discuss treatment plans, expected progress and expected length of stay at CMRC.

Discharging a patient safely back to their home environment, with or without Outpatient Therapy or nursing support is a very important part of our work at CMRC. We will discuss, at the initial family meeting, your expectations regarding discharge plans as often it can take weeks to order the required equipment and plan for home services.

Treatment Schedules are generally provided within 7 days of admission and should be used as a guide to the level of service we will provide. It is very important that families are engaged and active in their family member’s treatment. Most schedules will include activities to do as a family or a chance to practice skills needed to care for you/your family member at home.

Therapy sessions are client specific and will vary according to clinical need and tolerance of each patient. CMRC runs some group therapy sessions as well as hydrotherapy and we welcome family and/or care givers to be involved in these.

Nannies and/or family appointed nurses are welcome to stay with you/your family member in CMRC. Please note: Only CMRC licensed healthcare professionals are allowed to administer medications.

We provide training on safe moving and handling, therapy activities, positioning and application of any devices that will be required in the home to all families and care givers prior to discharge.