Patient Success Stories

Ali was admitted on the 25th of August, 2015 to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center’s Abu Dhabi office two months after birth. 

Amid his stay, Ali’s practical issues were effectively settled and he is currently fit for achieving, holding and playing with toys all without provoking.  Ali has effectively improved at CMRC and now he stays as an In-Patient at our Center for the specific treatment of word-related and physiotherapy sessions.                                - Ali Numain Al Ansari

“I went to Al Ain Hospital for a surgery and after that, I was transferred for Rehabilitation at this Center. I feel the progress of every day while practicing my therapy sessions. Honestly, everyone in here is positive, they have their smooth ways and procedures of communication with their patients, they know very well what is required from their end and what the patient is in need of. After all, my situation needed patience and determination, nothing is to come in an easy or fast manner, but let’s just depend on God and hope to keep ourselves motivated”.    - Ahmad Al Shamsi 

“I was admitted to this center by Thiqa while I had a health disorder, to an extent where I couldn’t stand on my feet, not even I could use my hands, my body was in a still situation. After my surgery, I was informed that I needed a physical therapy and Rehabilitation. Thank God, I have improved, I gained my walking skills again, and help myself maneuver.  Moreover, at Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center the staff work jointly with the patients making us feel productive and happy about the training that we undergo and our efforts”                                          - Naser Ali Naser Alwai 

Abdulla’s father, states: “We felt it when Abdullah came to the Centre, how his health improved much better with the Rehabilitation especially that he wasn’t in a good health condition before. But now, Thank God, his health is showing a lot of improvement”.                                                                                                                     - Adnan Al Junaibi

"Since I entered Cambridge Medical Center, I have received the best physical treatment I needed from the therapists, they showed all the corporation and gave me all the advice and treatment methods needed until the day I go back home. The team of nurses helped me keep up the appointments by giving me the medications at the appointed time and providing me with full care and love. Their response was very quick with full respect. I want to point out that the staff working at the center were very cooperative and always smiling. The movement between the rooms and the treatment were easy and smooth without any difficulties thanks to the center’s team members ".  

- Hamad Al Zaabi

“Thank God my operation at Tawam was successful, and then I was admitted to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, stayed in here for four Months, maybe a couple of days more, and thank God I kept on progressing to better physical health stages. I would like to thank the founders of this center, and all of their staff, nurses, and therapists, doctors for offering their kind care where the facility is functioning twenty-four hours and never felt disturbed or annoyed. They’re open in their care procedures, generosity and kindness”.                                                                                                               

  - Mohamed Al Junaibi

“At first, I was worried that the center would not be suitable for my father, and that he would suffer emotionally. But since I have come to know this Centre, I thank God, all my fears and worries have gone.”                                                           - Majed AlMegbali

“My health improved greatly since I came. Before that, I couldn't stand. I couldn't raise my arm even if I tried, not even raise my fingers. Now I can move my fingers, I can move my shoulder normally. I can stand, I can walk a little.”                                 - Khalifa Al Naimy

“I was in Germany when I first heard that the center opened, I asked to be treated at Cambridge and I thank God the treatment is very organized. What I love the most are these bars because I can stand and walk with them. I also like the treatment at the pool and I can stand on my own without holding on to anything.”                                                                                                                          - Mohamed Al Jeadi