Excellence, dedication, empathy.

Revitalizing Hope. Restoring Health. Rebuilding Life

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Centers, will be located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and  provide medical care and rehabilitation services to adults and children. With our offering we will fill the current gap in non-hospital treatment, care and support, delivered on a long and ongoing basis in an inpatient facility for patients who suffer from chronic or complex health conditions.

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center will cooperate closely with hospitals and doctors who treat patients on acute level until they reach intermediate or intensive care levels and can be moved to our more personalized, non-hospital setting.

Our ultimate goal is to rehabilitate as many of our residents as possible to the point where they are safe to discharge for home.

We plan to open our first facility in early 2014 and open a second facility soon after. For information, help and options please call: 800-CARELINE (800 227 354 63)

We are affiliated with US-based Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, a recognized leader in rehabilitative medicine, long-term care and home care in Massachusetts, in the United States, and across the globe. This affiliation provides us access to unrivalled experience, knowledge and best practice in the sphere of long-term care and rehabilitation therapies, helping to drive regional standards in the sector. Our staff also receives regular education and training by Spaulding representatives and the facilities undertake auditing and evaluation procedures devised to promote clinical excellence.